Making friends with shadows on my wall

This series represents a bridge between reality and escapism.  As a child who spent many years studying to become a classical ballet dancer, I was forever dancing and daydreaming.  I guess I’ve been a ‘creative’ all my life in one form or another – dancing, singing, music and now photography.  I hated reality – still do – and spend time fantasizing about escaping to somewhere full of light where nothing bad happens and the world is full of good.

I am the eternal optimist believing that everyone is good then feeling completely alone and disillusioned when some of those people betray me or let me down.  A romantic at heart, staring out of the window of my home, I daydream about travelling and living overseas, but for the time being, I am learning to be patient.

The moments that have been photographed in this series are images of lights dancing on the wall or a shadow playing with the light, and were taken in my home during autumn in the early mornings.  Most people don’t see the images that are on their walls and curtains – they are things that people only see out of the corner of their eye but they never really take any notice of them.  In these images, I imagine the light is beckoning me and the shadows are playing games with me.  I make friends with them.  I see these images as dissolving time.